Course Complete: Basics 101 (Open)




You’ve just completed the Basics 101 course, where you gained experience in working with Dataiku DSS. Here are a few of the main takeaways from this course:


  • The project homepage is where you land after you create or open a project. It acts as your command center.
  • Creating a dataset can mean uploading a file or simply informing Dataiku DSS of how it can access an external source dataset.
  • When looking at or working interactively with your data, Dataiku DSS only shows a sample of it.
  • Columns in the dataset have both storage types and meanings. The storage type tells DSS how the original data is stored while the meaning reflects the nature of the values of the column.
  • Visualization is a key tool in the data exploration and discovery process. The Charts tab of a DSS dataset houses a simple drag and drop interface for visual exploration. Charts help you answer questions about your data.

Learn More

Be sure to check out other Academy courses! Continue to Basics 102 which uses the same project. There, we use Recipes to prepare the data, perform a statistical analysis, and then explore the Flow. Each concept is explained in a short video to help prepare you for the hands-on section.




Congratulations on completing Basics 101!