Course Complete: Basics 102




You’ve just completed the Basics 102 course, where you gained experience in working with Dataiku DSS. Here are a few of the main takeaways from this course:


  • Recipes are used to transform your data. Recipes contain processing logic that DSS uses to act upon the dataset. Recipes keep processing logic separate from datasets.
  • Statistical tasks help you explore your dataset. A statistics worksheet provides a visual summary of exploratory data analysis tasks. Cards in a worksheet provide a straightforward way to explore your dataset while keeping your workspace well organized.
  • You can use the Group By Recipe when you want to create an output file that aggregates values based on a particular column.
  • In DSS, you can trace the dependencies among items in the Flow.
  • Since the DSS Computation Engine works with a sample of your dataset, you get quick feedback while working on your preparation steps.
  • The Jobs Log lets you look for bottlenecks and debug potential errors when you are building the Flow.

Learn More

Be sure to check out other Academy courses! Continue to Basics 103 where we continue working with Haiku T-shirts to enrich the data and use the Lab to create a visual analysis. Each concept is explained in a concept video to help prepare you for the hands-on section.




Congratulations for completing Basics 102!