Course Complete: Basics 103 (Open)




You’ve just completed Basics 103 , the last of the Basics courses. To recap, here are a few of the main takeaways from this course:


  • The Join recipe provides a visual interface to join datasets in various ways based on a common key.
  • If the Flow is optimized for production, the Lab is the place in DSS optimized for experimental data preparation, visualization, and machine learning.
  • DSS has reporting tools like dashboards, R Markdown reports, and visualization plugins that allow you to automate the sharing of project results, while maintaining a permissions framework.

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Be sure to check out other Academy courses! You'll now want to continue your learning journey with the Visual Recipes Overview course, the last in the Core Concepts series. You'll already be familiar with a few visual recipes in this course, learn some more, and get more practice using them as you build data pipelines.