Dataiku DSS - The Value Proposition (Open)

Understand the product vision and key pillars of Dataiku DSS

Dataiku DSS - The Value Proposition (Open)


About this course

About this course



In this Value Proposition course, you will discover how DSS enables the central design, deployment, and governance of analytics and AI projects.

In many of the lessons, you will see examples from a sample DSS project to predict taxi fares in New York City.


After each short video, you will find a text summary and a few multiple choice questions testing your comprehension. Unlike most Academy courses, there is no hands-on component to this course. You will not need access to a DSS instance to complete it.


This knowledge will serve you well before diving into a hands-on journey with DSS.



Learning Objectives

At the end of the Value Proposition Course, you will have an understanding of:

1 - The product vision of DSS, as the end-to-end platform enabling enterprises to build their own path to AI in a highly fragmented, big data ecosystem

2 - The basic architecture of DSS and how its skill and technology-agnostic nature is designed to support an enterprise’s existing and future infrastructure choices

3 - The key product pillars around which DSS has been built, the larger context behind them, and the specific features addressing them


Course Properties

Course Title Dataiku DSS: The value proposition

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to learn about the product vision for Dataiku DSS

Access Level

Free / included with registration

Estimated Time for Completion

68 Minutes

Completion Criteria

Pass all the quizzes with 80%

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Knowledge Prerequisite(s)


Technical Prerequisite(s)



Start by watching the course overview video and then dive right in.