Pillar: Sustainable Governance & Processes (video)



The pillar of Sustainable Governance & Processes seeks to ensure all data initiatives are properly governed from security, auditability, and processes perspectives.

At data-centric companies, the amount of data available continues to grow exponentially. This creates opportunities for more analytics initiatives, more models, more people involved, and more projects that must be pushed to production and monitored. Models themselves have become the lifeblood of many industries.

However, scalability is not just a computational challenge. The value from all of these data-driven initiatives is closely tied to the degree of trust throughout the organization in the integrity of the data at each stage of the analytics pipeline. In fact, in many industries, the regulatory environment now demands documentation of processes behind ML models.

For an organization at any point of maturity on its path to Enterprise AI, DSS makes it possible to manage the complexity of this undertaking while building confidence and transparency in these processes.