Q : Do the courses and certificate programs on Dataiku Academy require a user to register an account?

A :  It depends :

  • You do need to register a free account and be logged in so you track your progress and earn certificates.  However, the Dataiku Academy uses Single Sign-On so you will only ever need one account and set of credentials. If you have previously registered for the Dataiku Community, the same account can be used to seamlessly access the Academy, and vice versa.
  • Course content is available without login if you are only interested in looking at individual topics in the Course Catalog.


Q : How do I change my profile information ( first name, last name, or email)? 

A : It is currently not possible to change your profile. We do not have a definite timeline for this feature yet. Your registered email will still work as a unique identifier for you meanwhile. 


Q : How do I see an overview of all the courses I've enrolled in and my status in each?  

A : In your profile you can find a list of registrations.


Q : I found a bug; how can I report it?  

A : There is a feedback form you can use.