Q : When will the other certificate programs be available?

A : Thanks for your interest!  I'm afraid we can't say much more than they are "coming soon", except that ML Practitioner is currently scheduled to be ready next, followed by Advanced Designer.


Q : Why does my certificate display my login id rather than my real name?

A : Currently, our account integration only fetches the first and last name information when using the Google federated Single Sign-on. It won't work when using Github or email based registration. We are looking at ways to allow fetching or editing the name information for other SSO account types as well, but we do not have a definite timeline for that yet. Your registered email will still work as a unique identifier for the certificate issued to you meanwhile.


Q : Can I improve my reported final test score?

A : The Academy platform always reports the first passing score.


Q : When does a certificate expire?

A : 2 years after the certificate was issued.


Q : I’m already certified with the L1 DSS certification, is it still valid?

A :  It depends : 

  • L1 certifications taken before May 27, 2019 will be considered as expired on the 27th of July. We encourage you to take the new certificate assessments! 
  • L1 certifications taken after May 27, 2019 will be valid for 1 year. For instance, a L1 certification taken on April 1st, 2020 will be valid until April 1st, 2021. After that date, you will have to take the new certificate assessments on the new Academy platform. 



Q : How much time on average is required to complete each certificate?

A :  It depends on the Learning Path associated with the certificate, and thus, the number of courses. Look for the time estimate in the lower left corner of each course card for an estimate of each individual course. 

For instance, the Core Designer Certificate program contains 

  • 4 mandatory courses that are estimated to take about 4.5 hours to complete
  • 3 optional courses that are estimated to take about 3.5 hours to complete
  • 1 certificate assessment that can take 2 hours to complete. 

It's recommended to budget a full working day to minimally complete the Core Designer Learning Path and Certification.  To get the full benefit of Core Designer instruction, budget another half day for the optional materials.


Q : I have just joined a new company, is my certificate still valid ?

A : Yes, your certification is tied to you as an individual.


Q : Can I retake the exam if I don't pass it the first time?

A : Yes!  There is currently no limit to the number of times you can retake the exam.


Q : What will I receive after passing the certificate assessment?

A : You should receive an email that provides a link to your certificate, plus instructions on how to share this certificate to your LinkedIn profile.  You should also see a link to your certificate in your profile page on Dataiku Academy.


You will also earn a badge to share in the Dataiku Community !


Q : What will I need to take the certificate assessment?

A : You will need access to a Dataiku DSS instance.  For the Core Designer assessment, a copy of the Free Edition is enough. 


Q : How can I prepare to take the certificate assessment?

A :  The best way to prepare is to work carefully and thoroughly through the learning path associated with the assessment!


Q : What is the passing grade for the quizzes?

A :  It depends:

  • Section Quizzes typically have 3-5 questions and have a passing grade of 65%.  This allows you to miss a single question and pass on to the next section. 
  • Course Checkpoints typically have 10 questions and have a passing grade of 80%
  • Certificate Assessments have a passing grade of 80%.  For example, the Core Designer exam has 30 questions, so you will need to answer 24 or more correctly to pass.


Q : Will I receive a breakdown of the questions I answered correctly and incorrectly after the exam?

A :  No.  Unfortunately, there are parties selling the answers to our previous certificate exam, so in order to preserve the validity and value of the assessment, we will not be sharing the questions and answers.


Q : When I retake the exam, will I see the same questions?

A :  The 30 questions you see are randomly selected from a bank of questions, so some questions may be the same, and others will not.