Integration With SQL Databases (Open)

Learn more on how to connect Dataiku DSS to relational databases. (Open versions of courses do not count towards the certificate program.)

Integration With SQL Databases (Open)


About this course

About this course

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Any progress in this open version of the course will not count towards a certificate.



The Integration With SQL databases course is designed to walk a Dataiku DSS administrator through the process of configuring a connection between DSS and a relational database.


Throughout the course, we will use a PostgreSQL database connection for illustration. Before going through the hands-on lessons, you will have a chance to grasp relevant key concepts by watching a short video.

In the hands-on lesson of this course, you will create and configure your database, establish a connection between the database and DSS, and then create a DSS dataset for tables in the database.



Learning Objectives

At the end of the Integration With SQL Databases course, you will be able to:

1 - Set up and use an SQL connection within DSS

2 - Recognize when to leverage the SQL execution engine for its computational advantages

3 - Know the levels of support that Dataiku provides for connections to particular databases


Course Properties

Course Title Integration with SQL Databases

Target Audience

DSS administrators who want to connect DSS with relational databases

Access Level

Free / included with registration

Estimated Time for Completion

20 Minutes

Completion Criteria

Pass all the quizzes with an 80% score

Supplemental Materials (Y/N)


Knowledge Prerequisite(s)

Basics 103

Technical Prerequisite(s)

Dataiku DSS - Latest version (FREE EDITION is enough)

PostgreSQL - version 9 or higher

DSS admin privilege


Start by watching the Integration with SQL Databases overview video and by looking at the “Connections to SQL Databases” key concept.