Advanced Visual Data Preparation

Visual data preparation in Dataiku is simultaneously easy to do and packed full of functionality, so it can take some time to become an expert.

This guide organizes the information you need to speed your transition from Padawan to Master of visual preparation.

Getting started

Visual data preparation is the use of visual recipes to transform, shape, and enrich your data. If you have not already done so, read the Visual data preparation howto for the basics.

Where does visual preparation happen?

While each of the visual recipes plays an important role in transforming your raw inputs into data assets, this guide focuses primarily on the Prepare recipe. In turn, the information in this guide also applies to the Script tab of a visual analysis, which can be deployed as a Prepare recipe.

Using Prepare recipe processors

Ultimately, the power of the Prepare recipe is the ability to apply a variety of processors to transform your data. See the following tips to get the most out visual preparation.