Time Series Basics (Open)

Learn the fundamentals of time series data.

Time Series Basics (Open)


About this course

About this course


The Time Series Basics course covers some fundamental concepts about time series data. Completion of this course will enable you to move on to more advanced courses on time series preparation, modeling, and forecasting.

This course covers some theoretical knowledge about time series data and the objectives of time series analysis. In each section of the course, we begin with video lessons that teach key concepts on time series, such as the properties and use cases, the long and wide data formats, time series decomposition, and objectives of time series analysis.



Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will understand:

1 - The properties and use-cases of time series data

2 - The types and formats of time series data

3 - The components of a time series

4 - The objectives of time series analysis

Course Properties

Course Title Time Series Basics

Target Audience

Anyone new to working with time series data

Access Level

Free / included with registration

Estimated Time for Completion

40 Minutes

Completion Criteria

Pass all section waypoints with 65% and the course checkpoint with 80% 

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Knowledge Prerequisite(s)


Technical Prerequisite(s)


Begin by watching the Course Introduction: Time Series Basics video!