Visual Recipes Overview (Open)

Dive into the full set of visual recipes for transforming data. (Open versions of courses do not count towards the certificate program.)

Visual Recipes Overview (Open)


About this course

About this course

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Any progress in this open version of the course will not count towards a certificate.



To help you increase your confidence in working with Dataiku DSS visual recipes, this course includes short video lessons covering the visual recipes, a hands-on section where you will build your own project, and quiz questions to test your knowledge.



Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

1 - Build a data pipeline that drives a reporting system on international flights

2 - Use processors such as the find and replace processor

3 - Use DSS visual recipes such as Top N, Download, and Pivot to perform specific tasks


Course Properties

Course Title Visual Recipes

Target Audience

Anyone who uses or wants to learn more about the visual recipes in Dataiku DSS

Access Level

Free / included with registration

Estimated Time for Completion

133 Minutes

Completion Criteria

Pass all the quizzes with 80%

Supplemental Materials (Y/N)


Knowledge Prerequisite(s)

Basics 103

Technical Prerequisite(s)

Dataiku DSS - Latest version (FREE EDITION is enough)


Start by watching the Visual Recipes course overview video and by looking at some key concepts: Prepare Recipe, Date Handling, and Formulas.